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Inspired Design Studio can offer advice on what is and is not feasible when extending or adapting your home or professional space. We can provide advice on issues concerning planning permission, local factors that may influence modifications to a property and building regulations. Our service also includes measured surveys and drawing up detailed specifications, rendered images and 3D models. We can further oversee the building of the project and offer interior design services once your build is complete.

Planning Permission & Processs

Planning permission is required if you want to: build a new property, make a major change to your property or if you want change the use of the building. Inspired Design Studio can advise if planning permission is required and submit your application to the local planning authority (LPA) on your behalf.

Some projects do not need planning permission, which is known as permitted development rights. Building projects that normally have permitted development rights include: industrial premises, demolition and some projects that will have no impact on your neighbours or the environment. We can confirm this with the LPA on your behalf.

The LPA will decide whether to grant planning permission for your project based on its development plan. It will not take into account whether local people want it.
To decide, an LPA will look at: the number, size, layout, siting and external appearance of buildings, the infrastructure available - eg roads and water supply, any landscaping needs, what you want to use the development for and how your development would affect the surrounding area.

In most cases, planning applications are decided within 8 weeks.

Building Regulations

Inspired Design Studio can advise if you need building regulations approval before you start any building work. Your appointed builder will usually do this for you but as the owner of the property you may be held responsible. You typically need building regulations approval if you: put up a new building; extend or alter an existing building; install services or fittings in a building.

Building regulations approval is separate from planning permission and can be acquired through your local council or a private approved inspector.


If you undertake structural changes to your property that will increase the size or value we advise you inform your buildings insurer to ensure you are fully covered for the works and increased value of the property.

Party Wall Agreement

Walls shared by adjacent properties are usually jointly owned by the two owners and are termed party walls. A party wall can also be a wall forming part of only one building but which is on the boundary line between two (or more) properties. If you share a party wall you have a legal responsibility when it comes to carrying out certain works. If you think that any work you are proposing might have an effect upon the structural strength or support function of the party wall, or might cause
damage to the neighbouring side of the wall, notification must be made. If in doubt, we can offer advice or you should contact the local Building Control Office.


Timescales are individual to each project. Based on a typical house extension, an appropriate time frame allowance from appointment to starting construction may be
around 6 months.

A realistic time frame, where planning permission is granted without changes, is shown below:

Weeks 1-4
Survey carried out
Existing drawings drawn
Proposed options drawn
Meeting with client to discuss proposals
Finalise option
Complete & submit planning application

Weeks 5-12
Planning application reviewed by County Council
(up to 8 weeks)

Weeks 13-16
Building regulations drawings and notes completed
Building regulations application submitted

Weeks 17-22
Building regulation information used to seek quotations from builders
Building regulation submission reviewed by County Council Building Control (up to 5 weeks)

Week 23
Building regulations approval received
Potentially start building – dependent on builder’s availability

Construction periods vary dependent on scheme.

Structural Engineer

If you are carrying out any structural alterations or extensions to your property it is likely you will require the services of a Structural engineer to design the structural elements of the project. When constructing a new property a Structural Engineer would be appointed to design the entire structure of the property. Inspired Design will recommend Structural Engineers and obtain quotations on your behalf.

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